Can you frame a jersey, textile or scarf?

We can frame textiles and we'd love to frame yours! An important thing to note is that when framing textiles, we may have to gently stitch or pin your textile to mount it.  Our team of experts will always handle your piece with care to ensure it is protected and looks great!

With many textiles, we use a mounting technique called “sew floating” – this will allow the unique edges of the piece to be displayed within the frame, instead of being contained under a mat. If you're interested in this, you can select "Float Mounting" for an additional $25 when placing your order.



A sew-floated scarf


We frame jerseys for $199 which includes (free!) shipping both ways. We offer jersey frames in four styles: Mercer SlimIrvine SilmMarin, and Sonoma. At the moment, jerseys are not available in all frame styles due to the depth required to mount the jersey within the frame.

However, these four styles fit all jersey styles (soccer, football, baseball, basketball, t-shirts — you name it!). All jerseys default to showcasing the back of the jersey except for baseball jerseys, which we default to framing from the front. Similarly, since jersey styles vary by sport, so do their default layouts, which you can view here. If you have another vision in mind, just let us know and we'll frame to your specifications.  To place your order, click "Start Framing" then select "Jersey" as your art type.

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