Why does the style I want say "combination not available"?

Size Restrictions: While most of our frame styles are available in every size, certain thinner and more delicate mouldings are not available with extra large pieces: Dorado, Monroe, Ventura, Rosemont, Richmond, Newport, Providence, Bali, and Mandalay.

Float Mount Restrictions: If you want to order float mounting, there are restrictions on which frames you can choose since this treatment requires mouldings to have extra depth. Many of our frames are available for floating - some of our favorites are our Mercer SlimIrvine SlimMarin, and Sonoma styles.

Matting an Extra Large: We don't offer matting on art larger than 24"x36" due to the shipping constraints of the size of the final framed product. Fortunately, poster size art often looks best with no mat!  In some cases, we can add a thin mat border on your XL size piece as long as the total dimensions stay below 32"x40". If your piece is small enough to accommodate a mat while remaining smaller than 32"x40", you can request a mat border in the Special Instructions on your order.


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