Can I customize my mat?

Yes!  Our framing is completely custom.  Here are some details about how you can customize the matting on your piece:

Mat width:

We will cut a custom mat proportional to the size of your art and the style of your frame's moulding. While every job is custom and there are exceptions to every rule, the default mat widths (that you see on the website) are 2.5" for Instagram, Extra Small, and Small frames and 3" for Medium and Large frames.

To request a custom mat width, simply enter a note in the Special Instructions field on your order.  If you would like a mat wider than 5", we will reach out to let you know about any additional fees for the larger size.  If you need your final frame to be an exact size, indicate that in the Special Instructions and we'll take care of the rest!

Mat colors:

You can choose from white, off-white, grey, or black on our website or ask for any of our colored mats in the Special Instructions field on your order.  If you select the white, off-white, or grey option, our Design Experts will select from a range of shades to find the one that best complements your piece!

Accent Mats:

Accent mats (double matting) are perfect for pieces which you’d like to draw some color out of, or to just add a bit of a flair. Please keep in mind, however, that there is a $25 fee for accent mats. You can see all of the accent mat colors that we offer here.

Multiple Mat Openings

We can absolutely create a frame with multiple mat openings!  One thing to note is that due to the time and labor it takes to create multiple mat openings, we do charge an additional fee for the service. Our pricing is an additional $25 for up to 5 openings, and $3 per opening beyond five. This would be charged after we receive the order.  For more information, click here.

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