Do you offer float mounting?

Float mounting is a beautiful way to show off the textured edges of old papers, to preserve the visibility of artist signatures when they are on or near the edge of your piece, or just to add a little drama to your framed art.

Instead of layering a mat board with an opening on top of your art, we will “float” your art 3/8” above a mat and leave an inch and a half of space between the edges of your piece and the frame. We’ll use spacers to separate the acrylic and frame from your art and the mat board, suspending your piece between the materials.

Float mounting is available with our Mandalay, Beaumont, Bolton, Irvine, Marin, Mercer, Providence, Monterey, Sonoma, Newport, Richmond, Tacoma, Carson, Olympia, Beverly, Rosemont, Monroe, Dorado, VenturaIrvine Slim, Mercer Slim, and Marin frames for an additional $25 per piece. To request this treatment for your piece, simply select "Float Mounting" as your mat style.

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