Can you frame a piece with multiple mat openings?

We can absolutely create a frame with multiple mat openings!  One thing to note is that due to the time and labor it takes to create multiple mat openings, we do charge an additional fee for the service. Our pricing is an additional $25 for up to 5 openings, and $3 per opening beyond five. This would be charged after we receive the order.

For Mail-In Orders:

  1. Lay out the items side by side how you'd like them arranged
  2. Measure the approximate total size of the total arrangement
  3. Place an order for a "Mail In" frame in at those dimensions in the frame style of your choice. The dimensions don't have to be perfect– we use size to determine what price category your order falls into and to determine what packaging we'd need to send you. We'll measure precisely when we receive the items!
  4. Make a note in the Special Instructions (there's a link under your frame when you're viewing it in the cart) that you're mailing multiple items for us to frame, let us know what you would like (lay them out vertically, horizontally, etc.), and mention that you're okay with the additional charge for multiple mat openings. Once we receive your items, our designers will be in touch if we have any additional questions!

For Print & Frame Orders:

  1. Send the photo files in an email to and we will prepare a layout for you to approve and place your order with.
  2. Place an "Upload" order for a digital photo, and upload the file our designer creates for you with the multiple images in the layout you agree on.
  3. Make a note in the Special Instructions (there's a link under your frame when you're viewing it in the cart) that this is a multiple-mat-opening piece, and that we've spoken about and you approve of the additional charge.
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